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dhb’s Senior Product Manager, Rich Land, explains one of the brand's latest innovations.

What is Equinox all about?

Equinox is a concept to help riders dress correctly in those transitional spring and autumn periods.  We love to get outside at these times of the year, embracing those beautiful colours and smells that signal the changing seasons around us. When it’s not cold enough for winter tights, but not quite warm enough to get your knees out, Equinox the answer.

1. It works in a range of temperatures

When the seasons are changing, the day can often start out cool, but as you warm up, often the day has too- it could have risen as much as 10 degrees Celsius. Everything that comes under the ‘Equinox’ label is designed to deal with this. Using different fabrics, construction techniques and design features, it’s the most versatile kit we’ve ever made, and it all complements each other.

The dhb Aeron Equinox Thermal Jersey is a great example. The main body is a lightweight polyester, which is slightly brushed to trap in some warmth, whilst remaining extremely breathable. The arms, however, offer some added protection, much like if you were wearing arm warmers. Made from a tight-knit fabric, they help stop the wind cutting through, without the need for a less breathable membrane.

On milder days, wear with a dhb Lightweight Mesh Short Sleeve Baselayer, and as the temperature drops you can swap this out for a dhb merino base layer- in a range of weights, so you can find the right one for you. When the wind picks up or things are looking unpredictable, take a lightweight gilet with you, our favourite is the dhb Aeron Polartec Alpha Gilet, and you’ve got instant extra warmth for your core. Looking like rain? You can wear a waterproof jacket over the top and, because the arms don’t use a membrane, you won’t overheat.

We think this is the most versatile jersey we’ve ever made, and a real staple for riders who get out there all year round.

2. It means you can wear less

I think most of us would agree that there’s nothing better than riding in simply shorts and a short sleeve jersey, but sadly it’s just not possible all year round. Equinox aims to replicate that feeling, with products that remove the need for adding more layers or more accessories.

Over the last 15 years, we’ve seen products like thermal bib shorts come onto the market which, when combined with a pair of knee or leg warmers, can transform your ride. When you’re looking for that summer feeling, they negate the need for multiple layers. But these products take extra time to put on, and more often than not, you don’t take them off. The dhb Aeron Lab Equinox Bib Tight has been conceived as a lightweight tight, but elements of added protection and performance. Using specialist fabrics from Taiana and Schoeller, we’ve created a product which on the face of it looks simple, but outperforms a standard brushed polyester fabric you might find on standard tights.

The upper part of the tight wraps your muscles in a super-thin, warm but highly breathable layer, which has the added benefit of excellent water resistance for when you might get caught out. The lower leg uses Schoeller flash technology to provide some warmth, but its main strength comes from how fast this fabric can transport moisture away from the body to keep you in the optimum zone for longer. We were so impressed with how this fabric performs that we also utilised it on strategic areas on the dhb Aeron Lab Equinox Jersey. And if you’re still a warmers fan, then you can also find it on the Aeron LAB Equinox Leg and Arm Warmers. Super-light and perfect for those rides when you want some protection, but never take your warmers off

3. It’ll make you perform better

Or so we think anyway! The reason is the way the range has been designed to optimise moisture transfer, whilst providing sufficient protection. It’s these two principles that sit at the heart of the Equinox concept, driving the design.

We spent months testing with various prototypes in order to find the best moisture transferring fabrics. These allow you to operate in the ideal temperature zone, working with the body rather than against it, to ensure you remain comfortably at the right temperature, no matter the intensity.  From a protection perspective, it’s about providing the correct levels. Whether that’s in terms of warmth, windproofing or UV protection as all of these don’t just impact the ride you’ll be on, but how you recover for your next ride.


Body mapping is really important to this. It’s the technique we use to create the correct athlete microclimate to perform in. Placing different fabrics in strategic areas allows you to perform better, for longer. The dhb Aeron Lab Equinox Jersey is a key example of this in action. We’ve used Polartec® Power Shield® Pro in the areas you need the protection it offers- the front, the sleeves and the shoulders. These are the areas where the weather can cause real discomfort, and Power Shield® Pro helps you to stay dry and protected from the wind.

But the main reason for choosing this is that even with all that protection, it’s still really breathable so you can carry on with those hard efforts without overheating. On the other areas of the jersey, we’ve used Flash by Schoeller®, which is fabric technology designed for high-intensity activity. It’s incredible at wicking sweat away quickly, letting it escape to ensure you stay dry.

4. It’ll get you out the door quicker

 We’ve spent a lot of time considering all the issues we’ve often come across as riders in changeable seasons, and we think we’ve solved a lot of them. Our Equinox products make decisions easier, so you’ll be out there quicker.