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Caring for your favourite run, cycle and gym gear properly can ensure your garments maintain their quality and performance for many workouts to come.

Everybody loves that "new gear" feeling, but we also have those favourite shorts or jerseys we want to wear for every ride we possibly can.

We here at the Wiggle Australia office have compiled a short list of tips and tricks to help you care for all your ride, run and gym kit.

General Tips – Run and Cycle Gear

  • Be sure wash your gear as soon as you can after each run, ride or gym session. Washing your gear after every session helps to kill off harmful and odorous bacteria. 
  • Use a cold/cool wash. Warm water can trap the odour-causing bacteria in the material, causing it to settle and spread.
  • Avoid using fabric softening liquids. It can leave a thin film on your garments, trapping odours and limiting sweat-wicking features.
  • Avoid using the clothes dryer. The dryer’s heat can trap the bad smells in the fabric. Air drying is better for the environment too.
  • Be gentle. Use a gentle wash cycle and avoid drying in direct sunlight, to help maintain your gear’s colours.
  • For the ladies, don’t throw your sports bra in the dryer. The warm air can damage the elastic fibres, shortening the life span of your bra. Giving your sports bra 48 hours between sessions to return to its original shape will ensure its longevity also.
  • The use of sports-specific fabric care products can assist in the banishing of odours from your kit. Wiggle carries a range of Fabric Care products to assist in killing bacteria and dispelling odours from your cycle and run kit.

Cycling Gear

  • Be sure to throw bib shorts in a washbag to avoid tangling and stretching of the straps around other items in the washing machine. This is especially important if you have a top loading washer with a central post- bib straps can get caught, twisted and damaged easily if left loose in the machine.
  • Wash jerseys with all zips done up, and all Velcro straps together. This will avoid damage to other items.
  • Wash cycling shorts frequently. Bacteria build up on knicks can exacerbate chaffe and make riding very uncomfortable.
  • Dry knicks side out, to ensure the saddle padding is fully dried for your next adventure on the bike.

Running Gear

  • Rotating shoes and giving them 48 hours to recover between runs allows the sensitive foam and cushioning to rebound back to its optimal shape. This enhances the longevity of the cushioning and support offered by your running shoes.
  • Do not throw your runners in the washing machine. This can damage the foam cushioning. You can scrub up your runners with a cloth or a toothbrush to keep them clean.
  • If you're prone to stinky runners, you could try the Halo Proactive Shoe Odour Eliminator.


Most importantly of all- pay attention to the wash instruction on the tags of your gear. The manufacturer's advice is worth following.