• Six ways to create the perfect turbo training space
    01 Apr 2020 / Nassrin Chamanian
    New to indoor training? Don't worry. Whatever your goals or lifestyle, whether you have masses of space or you're confined to a corner of the front room, we're sure you can find a setup to suit. We asked our social community to share their pain caves with us for some inspiration. Remember why you're here Posters, medals, trophies,...
  • Seven ways to enjoy solo cycling
    31 Mar 2020 / Nassrin Chamanian
    This blog was written on 31 March 2020. At the time of writing, social distancing is mandatory in Australia in an effort to limit the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Australian citizens have been asked to stay home where possible a bike ride, run or walk is allowed, either solo or with one other person. As the situation and guidelines may...
  • Cycle
    Challenge 2020 update - How is Lisa Thake staying active at home?
    30 Mar 2020
    We caught up with Challenge ambassador Lisa Thake to find out how she is staying motivated to carry on training despite the cancellation of some of her target events. This blog was written on 31 March 2020. At the time of writing, UK citizens have been asked to stay at home, with exceptions for shopping, essential journeys and one form of outdoor...
  • Canyon dhb p/b Soreen
    24 Mar 2020 / Damien Whinnery
    When you’re looking for a source of calories on a long ride, you want something convenient, that fits snugly in the jersey pocket and, as far as possible, tastes pretty good. It’s for all these reasons, and a few more, why Soreen has proven popular with riders for years.
  • dhb
    How dhb is working with Polartec® to improve your rides
    21 Mar 2020
    Polartec® are problem solvers. They’ve spent over 100 years developing fabric solutions to ‘unwind the impossible’ and ‘invent a future that performs at levels previously unrealised’. This commitment to innovation and improvement is something that dhb share, and the dhb autumn/winter collection contains a range of...
  • Cycle
    dhb put women first with MODA collection
    09 Mar 2020 / Rob Atkins
    “We’re not just sticking a pocket on and making it pink.” Historically, women’s cycling apparel was an adapted version of that served up to their male contemporaries. The shrink-it and pink-it approach. Times have changed, though. And in spring-summer 2020, dhb have come bang up to date with MODA – a female-specific...
  • Cycle
    female cyclist
    08 Mar 2020 / Rob Atkins
    Nicole Frain races for the dhb-sponsored Sydney Uni-Staminade team in Australia. However, a high-speed crash in the Cadel Evans Road Race left her questioning her motivation and ahead of International Women's Day, she has lifted the lid on those mental battles. Why do we race? Why do we put ourselves through the pain? Why do we dedicate...
  • Cycle
    4 reasons why you need dhb Equinox in your cycling wardrobe
    06 Mar 2020
    dhb ’s Senior Product Manager, Rich Land, explains one of the brand's latest innovations. What is Equinox all about? Equinox is a concept to help riders dress correctly in those transitional spring and autumn periods. We love to get outside at these times of the year, embracing those beautiful colours and smells that signal the changing...
  • Vitus-Bikes
    Vitus Vitesse Evo Disc
    03 Mar 2020
    Vitus has revealed the stunning machine its pro racers will be using for the upcoming season - the Vitus Pro Cycling P/B Brother UK Race Bike.
  • dhb
    Sydney Uni-Staminade debuts in dhb at the National Championships
    29 Jan 2020 / Rob Atkins
    ​Photo: Victoria McNeill Alyssa Polites is back in the classroom. Education is her major focus for 2020 as she completes her final year at high school. But that didn’t stop the 16-year-old handing out her own lesson as she blitzed to glory in the under-19 individual time trial at the Australian national championships at the beginning of...