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by Zoe Wilson

Eating something before you ride is as important as pumping up your tires. Before you ride, go for carbohydrate as it’s your body’s preferred source of fuel and what you’ll need to make the most of your upcoming session. Avoid foods high in fibre, fat or protein as they slow digestion, delaying the time before your body will be able to use that food for energy.

Eat a carb-rich meal three to four hours or a smaller carb-rich snack one to two hours before you ride. You’ll perform best when you’re hydrated so have a drink, too. 

Three to four hours before:

1.    Cereal with milk
2.    Sandwich with meat or cheese and salad and fruit
3.    Rice-based dish

One to two hours before:

4.    Belvita Breakfast Biscuits
5.    Toast, English muffins or crumpets with banana, jam or honey 
6.    Milkshake or fruit smoothie 
7.    Liquid meal supplement (like an Up & Go)
8.    Fresh or dried fruit (like a banana or dried apricots)

If you have less than an hour, for example, if training first thing in the morning, it’s important to choose “fast” carbs that will be digested quickly, like a glass of juice or sports drink. 

Less than one hour before:

9.    Fruit juice
10.  Sports drink

Remember, everyone is different and what works for me won’t necessarily work for you. The most important thing to do is to practice to make sure you feel comfortable and don’t feel like you’ve got food bouncing around in your belly while you’re training. 


Zoe Wilson is Wiggle’s new Australian nutrition blogger – Zoe is a triathlon-mad Accredited Practising Dietitian with a keen interest in sports nutrition. Most of all, she loves making nutrition concepts easy for any old person to follow. Find her at