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It is time to Race the World: Part 3

Team Garin have conquered the first ever Race the World title in a very close race throughout won by only 1 point.

Team Garin and Team Deman riders have given it all on the road over the past two weeks. Until the very last minute.

8 Stages in, Team Garin seemed to have it all under control and ready to claim the first Race the World title. But that only boosted Team Deman’s energy and desire to push further and helped them win three stages in a row pushing Team Garin to the limits until the end.

On Stage 11, Team Garin’s Team Captain, Rab Wardell admitted their strategy on the day after the second check point was to “call it a day and rest up”. This seemed to go well for the blue team who came back reenergised on Stage 12 ready to claim the title.

It is time to Race the World

Team Garin started strong from the beginning and won Stage 12 by 17 minutes and 31 seconds giving them the overall win of the race. Regardless, Team Deman came out strong on Stage 13, the very last one that would see our riders come into the white beach of Palm Springs.

It is time to Race the World

Certainly a close race throughout, stages have been won by minutes, even seconds! In a gruelling challenge to all involved. Riders have covered over 2,000 km and 14,000m of ascent; a remarkable achievement both on a personal level and as the newly created teams.

It is time to Race the World

Race the World concluded in the Atlantic as riders were received in the Palm Springs beach as the cycling pioneers they’ve become. The original teams, the first to ever take on Race the World, the first to embark in this adventure taking amateur cyclists to remote and stunning locations. The first to stamp their names in Race the World history.

It is time to Race the World

Team Deman’s Team Captain, Sophie Radcliffe said: “This has been the most incredible adventure. What we've lived, shared, experienced, seen and felt on and off the bike has been phenomenal. We camped under the stars each night and shared stories round the campfire. We cycled through canyons, up mountains, across deserts and along roads that seemed to go on forever. We cycled harder than any of us imagined, laughed more than we thought possible and lived the dream. We came as strangers to each other and became a tight knit team. We built a strategy each day and delivered the best performance we could. And that for us is a win.”

It is time to Race the World

"The race as a whole was an incredible adventure. From the mountains of New Mexico, the flats of Florida and the deserts in Arizona. It was all amazing! It was also brilliant to share two weeks with such a great group of people. Both Team Garin and Team Deman and essential support from Limelight Sports who put everything into the race. It was special to share this time with them and to be the first ever Race the World winners!"  – Rab Wardell, Team Captain for Team Garin.

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Stages 7/8/9/10