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Wiggle is a proud supporter of the Amy Gillet Foundation, Australia's leading cycling safety organisation. AGF is commited to their singular mission - to make cycling safer in Australia - and create unique cycling events to spread their message across the country. This year, we are once again a premium event partner for the Wiggle Amy's Gran Fondo, helping to raise much needed funds to create a safe bike riding environment in Australia. 2019 Registrations are now open! 

FUN FACT: A ‘Gran Fondo’ is an age-old Italian cycling term, meaning ‘great endurance’.


What is the Wiggle Amy's Gran Fondo?

Amy’s Gran Fondo is Australia’s most scenic cycling event. Catering to cyclists of all abilities, the event is held on fully closed roads in one of the most picturesque destinations on the planet – the Great Ocean Road, Victoria. With almost 10,000 riders taking part in the last two years, it has established itself as one of the most popular mass participation bike rides in the country, attracting cyclists from across Australia and internationally. It also includes a weekend of family-friendly activities that makes Amy’s Gran Fondo not just an event, but an experience.

About the event

Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo is one of the few events on the Australian cycling calendar that provides the safe and unique experience of riding on a fully closed road. It aims to be the safest event in Australia, and caters to cyclists of all abilities with various races:

Amy’s Gran Fondo Age Category 120km View and download the course map
Recreation Category 120km View and download the course map
Medio Fondo 45km View and download the course map
Gravel Fondo 65km View and download the course map
Family Fondo 14km View and download the course map

New Course, New Time

This year, there will be alterations made to the existing course to make it more interesting. The new 2019 course will have an additional 10km added to the overall ride, giving participants an even more fulfilling riding experience. Forget your old PB's! It's time to reset the clocks and set some new times. This added section of 10km to the overall course will see an additional elevation gain of 173m.

What makes this the best cycling event in Australia?

In addition to the picturesque views of the Great Ocean Road, and the unrivalled community spirit of the event, your entry fee covers the following services:

  • Full road closures
  • Police Support
  • Ambulance Victoria Support
  • Emergency Medical Services Australia Support
  • Mechanical Support on course

    And in the event village:

  • Aid Station Food and Water
  • Post Ride Pasta Plate
  • Timing Services
  • SAG Wagon Support
  • Online Result Service
  • Rider Insurance
  • Rider Photographs

When is it?

This year's Wiggle Amy's Gran Fondo will hold on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th September 2019 in Lorne, Victoria.