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My first race of the season is approaching fast. It is not going to be warm, dry and dusty; like the H12 MTB Race that kick-started my 2016 season. In fact, it is most likely going to be snowing…

Next month brings the TorTour Cyclocross Stage Race in Switzerland.


The Race

The race format of the TorTour Cyclocross event is unique; in that it is the only long-distance multi-day cyclocross winter race in existence.

The event is spread over a three day long weekend, with a mix of long and short stages:

  • Friday - It all begins with a short 23 kilometre lapped circuit race. Something to warm up the legs...
  • Saturday - A long loop of 80 kilometres, almost entirely off-road. With 700 metres of climbing, and highly challenging terrain; you can expect to see a well strung-out field of riders.
  • Sunday - A little shorter than Saturday, at 74 kilometres. However, the addition of 1260 metres of climbing (and the snowy terrain) should make for an interesting finish.

With competitors already signed up from 15 different countries, it is set to be an incredible event. (There are still spaces available if you fancy it!).


The Kit

The average temperature for February, in Zurich, is around 4 degrees Celsius; with a wind chill factor normally pushing the "feels like" temperature down to about minus 3 degrees. That's going to require some warm kit.

Here's what I'm provisionally packing as riding kit...


The Bike

My Kona Private Jake Cyclocross bike won't be unfamiliar to regular Wiggle Blog readers or social media followers.

This bike has been some places…


To adapt the bike for the vigorous challenge that the TorTour cyclocross presents, I've made a few tweaks:

Stay tuned for more updates on kit, and then live coverage from the race itself!


Here's another taster...

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Published on: 13 Jan 2017

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