When Wiggle runner Anna Smith-James had a flying visit to New York to run the marathon, she needed a compact bag that would be easy to handle and fit all of her running and sight-seeing kit (and still have room to bring a few treats back to the UK!). Could the Osprey Rolling Transporter 40 be up to the job?

One of my favourite things about running is that it’s a great excuse to see some new and exciting places. I love running around my local roads and during my lunch hour but running is at its best when I’m exploring new places. And combining a holiday with my hobby is always going to be a win!

One of my latest adventures was flying to New York to do the TSC New York City Marathon. It was going to be a very quick visit, just Friday until Monday evening, but a very fun adventure nonetheless.

Packing for a holiday is always quite stressful but packing for a holiday that would also involve running a marathon was even more so! I was glad to have the Osprey Rolling Transporter to help me out. I had the 40 litre sized version and it was the perfect size.

I was able to pack everything I needed both non-running and running related. I had my trainers, my running clothes, my pre-marathon oats and gels (inducing a mild panic that I wouldn’t get them through airport customs – I did, whew!), my regular clothes and shoes while making sure I left enough room for all the American sweets and chocolates I would of course bring back with me. You don’t run a marathon for nothing, after all!

The Transporter 40 was fantastic. It survived the 8 hour flight from London and then the mad run through rain along the wet New York streets as I desperately tried to make it to the marathon expo before it shut on Friday night after we landed. It was sturdy, it rolled along nicely and was thankfully waterproof!

The New York Marathon went far better than I’d anticipated, being my second fastest out of the 16 I’ve run. But more importantly I was able to bring home the $26 worth of M&M’s I bought in Time Square (yes, I really did spend that much – marathons require a lot of essential refuelling!). The Osprey Rolling Transporter 40 is a fantastic size for those quick weekend adventures – both local and long-haul. It made the marathon weekend far less stressful than it could have been and I was happy to easily bring back my new shiny medal as well as enough American candy to fuel me for my next adventure!