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vittoria open pave tyres review

The Vittoria Pave tyres are quite possibly the ultimate 'Tough Race Tyre'. By that, I mean they are a tyre that looks, feels and weighs around the same as your high-end cotton cased summer tyres; but they also features a Kevlar protection belt - so they are more resilient to puncturing on rough road debris.

The distinctive green sidewalls of the Pavé tyres have been fitted to more wheelsets at the Cobbled Classics than you could possibly count. The tyre is thoroughly respected for its resilience to punctures on the challenging Northern Europe races. The puncture resistance is due in-part to the Kevlar belt, which helps to ward off potential intrusions; but it also due to the exceptional malleability of the 320 TPI (cotton threads per inch) casing, which means these tyres conform to the road surface, and are less likely to 'pinch flat' from sudden impacts than on harder cased tyres.

The suppleness of the Vittoria Pave CG Open Clincher tyres is also what makes them phenomenally fast and grippy. They feel almost as fast as the Vittoria Corsa summer race tyres, but the file tread pattern provides even more grip. For wet winter roads, I have yet to find a tyre that matches the Pavé's performance.

Any downsides? The only notable one I can identify, is that you can't really expect them to last more than one season of big miles. The Vittoria Open Pave is truly an extreme weather race tyre; and that supple cotton casing isn't covered with a deep, hard rubber tread - so they clearly won't last as long as a commuting/touring tyres. You get great phenomenal grip and speed, but at the expense of longevity.

To summarise, the Vittoria Open Pavé is quite probably the best 'tough race tyre' out there. It rolls faster than many summer tyres; it holds its own on debris strewn streets, and it is even capable of the Cobbled Classics. It might not last as long as some; but during its life it is a true performer. Recommended.

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vittoria open pave tyres review

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