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    How Wiggle beat their best at the Great South Run
    26 Oct 2018 / Nassrin Chamanian
    Now in its 28th year, the Great South Run has become a highlight in the running calendar in the UK. The ten-mile distance is a popular intermediate step between 10K and a half-marathon and the route, taking in such iconic sights as the Spinnaker Tower and HMS Victory , is mainly flat. It’s not just the route that draws 20,000 runners to the...
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    Running is better for the mind than relaxing
    21 Oct 2018 / Damien Whinnery
    A moderately paced 15-minute run is better for the mind than relaxing, a new study has found. While the cognitive benefits of exercise are well documented, until now there was little evidence running was of more benefit than a thorough chillax. However, new research published in the journal Acta Psychologica , compared the attention span and mood...
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    Ragnar Rocks - Team Wiggle runs 170 (ish) miles
    04 Oct 2018
    Maidstone to Dover to Brighton. 170 (ish) miles along the breathtakingly beautiful South East coast of England. An epic journey but imagine running it. Break it up into a relay and share the workload in a team of ten and suddenly what seems impossible becomes achievable. That's the Ragnar Relay . This year, event partners Reebok invited Wiggle...
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    Five tips for tackling the OMM
    02 Oct 2018
    The key to success at the OMM (the Original Mountain Marathon ) is planning. The organisers provide an official kit list - make sure you have the essentials well in advance. We asked Wiggle runner and OMM veteran Will Pakes-Geddes to share his pearls of wisdom on what else you need to consider: Pack light Think minimal kit. It’s only one...
  • Garmin Vivoactive
    10 Sep 2018
    Listening to invigorating music can give your training a significant boost, according to recent scientific research.
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    Conquering the Race to the Tower
    29 Aug 2018
    When Wiggle Merchandising Manager Will Pakes-Geddes came to the realisation that he had hit middle-age, he decided to get off the sofa and do something (with a little help from 'The Boss'). Since then he has been finding new ways to challenge himself and fight back against the dreaded middle-age slump. We asked him to tell us about his...
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    Why a sports bra is the number one piece of kit for active women
    07 Aug 2018
    How can a sports bra improve your workout, reduce breast pain and help you keep your shape well into old age? Wiggle Brand Content Executive Nassrin Chamanian went back to school with Shock Absorber at the University of Portsmouth to find out. You've shelled out for gym membership. You've got the perfect shoes. You've got the gadgets...
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    Stillness in the wind - Hiking in the Cairngorms
    11 Jul 2018
    Jenny Tough is an adventurer who loves fast and light expeditions and has run, treked, cycled, skied, paddled, and sailed accross every continent. Jenny shares her experience of hiking in the beautiful Cairngorms...
  • Three runners on a bridge in winter
    04 Jul 2018
    Maybe this is your first time running during winter, or maybe you’ve always found it a struggle. In either case, we at Wiggle have amassed a few tips and tricks to ensure you stay safe and make solid progress in the face of plunging temperatures.
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    Running benefits
    11 Jun 2018 / Damien Whinnery
    Here are ten of the more obscure benefits running has for body, mind, and even wallet, that you actually, properly, really didn’t know.