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Volvo cars have had them since the 1990's, and most modern European cars now have them as standard issue. But, should you be using daytime running lights on your bike?

We take a look at the reasons why yes, you most likely should; and we also review one of the best options, from Lezyne.

Darkness exists, even in daytime

Picture this... you are riding along in bright sunshine; flying down a descent at 50kph. Suddenly, you plunge into a shady forested back lane. Your eyes take a few seconds to adjust to the darkness... You hear a car approaching from behind - its engine noise reverberating off the tunnel of trees. Given that you are now only just able to see the screen on your GPS unit, you wonder... will that approaching car have seen you?

There are many moments like this, even in the middle of summer. Shaded lanes, long shadows, misty mornings, and foggy valleys. These are times when your lights can have just as much value to boosting your road presence, as they do in the depth of the night.

I have been running daytime running lights on my bike for several years now; taking the view that it is best to do anything you can to boost your road presence. 

In recent years, light producers have caught onto the benefits and advantages of daytime lights. They have evolved their products to include 'Daylight Bright' settings, which are visible even in bright daylight, as well as of course in shaded conditions. This means there is even more reason to be running lights, whatever the conditions and the time of day. 

Here are two of our favourite Lezyne lights, which feature 'Daylight Bright' technology...

The Lezyne Strip Pro Drive 300 Rear Light

Rear lights are arguably the most important for your visibility; as the majority of traffic that passes close to you will come from behind. The Lezyne Strip Drive Pro 300 is a super-powered rear light.

I reviewed the original Lezyne Strip Drive some time ago on the blog, but this new version takes lumens and functionality to the next level.

The unit utilises five super-high output LEDs, to deliver an incredible 300 lumen output on 'Daylight Flash' mode. On this mode, you will get between 3-4.5 hours burn time; but you can toggle through the different lighting modes, and on the most economical power mode the light will run for an impressive 20+ hours. 

Mounting is super easy, using a simple rubber strap. The mount is also aero-seatpost compatible, and could also be mounted to a bag strap or seatstay. Charging is equally a fast and easy affair: using the integrated USB stick, it will charge in 2.5 hours.

Further benefits include a battery charge level indicator, fantastic water-resistance, and a compact size

This is a full feature rear light, with the latest visibility technology.

View the Lezyne Strip Drive Pro 300 at Wiggle.

The Lezyne Lite-Drive 800XL Front Light

When browsing the range of front lights best suited to 'Daytime Running', the new Lezyne Lite Drive 800Xl is sure to feature near the top of your list.

This is a front light designed to be used both for lighting the way at night, and also making you as visible as possible during the day.

For nighttime riding, I tend to use the light in the useful 'Race Mode' which allows you to toggle just between 800 lumen 'Overdrive', and 250 lumen 'Economy' modes - ideal for either slow climbing (conserve battery power), or fast riding (when you need the illumination).

For daytime riding, the Lezyne Lite 800 has a 'Daylight Flash' mode, which emits a 800 lumen blast at times, to increase your visibility. The light still lasts for an impressive 8.45 hours on this function.

Available in a selection of coloured aluminium bodies, and with a strap that will fit all kinds of handlebars, this is a personal and adaptable light. There should be no excuse not to have it neatly perched on your handlebars, whatever time of day you are riding.

View the Lezyne Lite Drive 800Xl at Wiggle