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Lezyne Mini GPS Cycle Computer

In this Staff Review, Team Wiggle's Harry takes a look at the "Small but mighty" Lezyne Mini GPS Cycle Computer


''Small but mighty…'' - Bigger isn't always better. Only a few years ago, many bicycle computers were the size of a wallet, often weighed a tonne, and would likely offer a bunch of metrics that really, really didn't matter.

When choosing a bike computer, it's best to write down what you need, not want - often they revolve around speed, distance and time…



The beauty of a GPS system is the lack of wires and attachments, in the case of the Lezyne Mini GPS, it couldn't get simpler. There's a handlebar mount, and the computer itself. It's clean, tidy and so very very small. At 33.4mm wide and 50.8mm long, it'll fit almost anywhere in your 'cock-pit' and when using the Lezyne out-front mounts the device fades away - unobtrusive is a good way to describe it.

The finish of the device is great, and far less 'plasticky' then its Garmin cousins. Around the edge is a brushed aluminium, which not only looks great, but adds a robustness to the computer. The beauty of a computer this small and durable is that it suits all types of riding - from the commute home, to the epic endurance epics.

The mount is solid and feels far more secure than Garmin alternatives. To engage the computer, push downwards and then twist - I'm sure that no amount of bumps, knocks and falls would dislodge the computer. It also makes using the device easier - the Lezyne Mini GPS doesn't twist or flex in the mount, and so button pushes feel direct - that's helpful and necessary with a device this small.

Lezyne Mini GPS Cycle Computer



The Lezyne Mini GPS has no power, heart rate, cadence or mapping; but everything else is executed perfectly. Simplicity is the aim of the game, and so speed, distance, time of day and odometer are the main functions. It does mean that the Lezyne Mini GPS won't be the best training aid; so if you're looking to get the most from your limited time, then the larger Lezyne Power GPS or Lezyne Micro Colour GPS - both of which have ANT+ and Bluetooth would be better options.

However, the Lezyne Mini GPS was never marketed as a coaching device; it is designed to tell you where you've been, and see if the ride was as fast as your legs now feel. The functions that the computer does do, are done very well. The computer loads quickly, finding satellite reception almost instantly, and there were no noticeable delays in speed readings. It might be exactly the same as my Garmin Edge 500, but numbers seemed to react much faster - helped by the fact that the readings are incredibly clear. The display has been optimised for clarity in all light conditions and gets a huge thumbs up from me!

You can have 4 metrics on the display at once, but I found 2 to be optimal. Giving me all the info I can process at a brief glance whilst retaining the size for quick reading. With a touch of a button you can scroll through the data, with speed remaining largest and there's a great backlit display at the touch of a button.

Lezyne Mini Cycle GPS Computer


Post ride

A standard micro-USB is supplied, and is used to sync your rides to a programme called GPS Root - a slightly more robust version of Garmin Connect. From here the main feature will be the 'sync with Strava' button – no doubt this will be your most used function. From that point on, everything is bliss. Strava, after all, is as good as Strava.

lezyne cycling gps review



If big data isn't your thing, and you could draw your favourite routes from memory, then the Lezyne Mini GPS should definitely be an option for you. It is small, easy to use, fast, and absolutely rivals such as Garmin and Wahoo!

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