• Triathlon
    Top 12 race day tips for your next triathlon
    08 Oct 2019
    Double-Olympic silver medalist, Commonwealth and European swimming champion and Speedo ambassador Jazz Carlin has now retired from competition but isn't slowing down any time soon. Her new multi-sport calendar since retiring from professional swimming has so far included the Prudential Ride London and the Volcano Triathlon in Lanzarote. Here,...
  • Triathlon
    5 ways open water swimming is different to the pool
    08 Oct 2019
    Josh Amberger is an Australian long-distance professional triathlete who’s known to be the fastest swimmer in long-distance triathlon. He was the first out of the water at Kona in 2017 & 2018. Josh is sponsored by Zone3 and races in the Vanquish Wetsuit . Here he writes about the ways open water swimming is different to the swimming pool...
  • Cycle
    Dani Rowe: My year so far
    07 Oct 2019 / Dani Rowe
    This year has been a total whirlwind and one I’m thoroughly enjoying. I’ve been super busy doing a variety of different work and doing my best to keep myself as fit as possible leading up to the events I'm signed up to. The first event was Prudential Ride London which was amazing. Beforehand, I was really looking forward to just...
  • Triathlon
    What to look for in a wetsuit
    05 Oct 2019
    What do you look for when you choose a wetsuit? We asked double-Olympic silver medalist, Commonwealth and European swimming champion and Speedo ambassador Jazz Carlin for her expert advice. Getting the right fit for a wetsuit is the most important thing as it's so individual. As a swimmer, I always look for a lot of freedom and movement around...
  • Triathlon
    What to pack for your triathlon
    11 Sep 2019
    Packing a kit bag the night before a big race is often stressful. ‘Packing anxiety’ is a real term coined to explain the utter panic many people feel when it comes to packing for important events. A lot of people will have experienced the universal ritual of packing a bag, reckoning the task is done, forgetting whether or not a crucial...
  • Triathlon
    What to pack for your SwimRun
    27 Aug 2019
    You've heard of duathlons, but have you heard of SwimRun? It's a relatively new kind of racing and it's growing in popularity. Your choice of kit for a SwimRun is important, as it involves running in a wetsuit, swimming in trainers, tied to a partner. We asked the experts at Zone3 what you'll need to take part The most important...
  • Triathlon
    The cold water swimming survival guide
    26 Aug 2019
    Many triathletes will agree that swimming in open water is the best to properly train for a triathlon. However, this isn’t always feasible due to weather conditions and water temperature. When the weather starts to warm up and open water venues open for training, it’s tempting to jump straight in. Make sure you’re properly...
  • swim
    The Story behind Ecolast™
    07 Aug 2019 / Nassrin Chamanian
    Zoggs are passionate about the ocean and what changes they can make to protect our world for the future. Their mission is to reduce their impact as a business on the environment. From greener packaging to recycled swimwear and supporting various environmental causes, they believe in doing everything they can to preserve our oceans for the future...
  • Triathlon
    From gym to Ironman - Annie's story
    20 May 2019
    It was January 2011. New year, new me. Like many of those 'New Year’s Resolution-ers,’ I'd decided to lose a bit of weight and get fitter. I'd been getting out of breath walking up a flight of stairs so I needed to make a change. Along with countless others at that time of year, I joined a gym. Little did I know, I was...
  • Triathlon
    Three race day hacks for triathlon success
    13 May 2019 / Nassrin Chamanian
    Swim, bike, run. The three components of a triathlon. Simple, right? What many people don't realise is that there's actually a fourth discipline in a triathlon. Transition. How do you switch from swim to bike, then bike to run without getting flustered and making costly mistakes, or taking a big chunk of time? The clock's still ticking...