• nutrition
    26 Jun 2015
    Whether you’re just starting out in triathlon or are heading towards your 100th race, your diet is a key piece of the performance puzzle. Getting your nutrition right on a day-to-day basis will help maximise your energy levels and improve recovery so you can train harder and race faster.
  • Training
    This Wiggler is ready for an Ironman challenge  - #goodstuff
    26 Jun 2015 / Christina Lindquist
    In this blog, Wiggle's own brand marketing manager Christina Lindquist talks about her goals for 2015 and what challenges she has lined up for the year ahead. This year I will cross the finish line at Ironman Zurich - Christina Lindquist I have to say that sentence with conviction, not 'I will attempt' 'I will take part in'...
  • Meet Wiggler Guillaume Hemery
    26 Jun 2015 / Guillaume Hemery
    Hi, I am Guillaume Hemery, recently joined Wiggle as Country Manager for France, the role is to help French customers understand Wiggle is the best choice when it comes to cycling, running and swimming and I am thrilled by this exciting challenge.
  • protein
    26 Jun 2015
    Protein is enjoying a moment in the sun, surrounded by a golden halo that has it sitting at the top of the pecking order from a nutrition point-of-view. We’re constantly bombarded with messages about the importance of protein
  • Training
    Christina's triumphant training break in France!
    26 Jun 2015 / Christina Lindquist
    Over the Easter Break, I headed out to the Loire Valley in France for a training weekend with a few of the other guys training for IM Zurich, we were lucky enough to stay with some friends in their holiday apartments.
  • Training
    Carbohydrate - how much do you need?
    26 Jun 2015
    I had an embarrassing moment the other day. I had been driving for a while ignoring the petrol light, thinking I could “squeeze in one more trip up the road before I stop and fill up”.
  • team wiggle
    Wiggler places 2nd in Tri Asia Olympic Triathlon - #goodstuff
    26 Jun 2015 / Martin McKinlay
    My 2015 triathlon season started in style this year as I headed across the island to compete at the Challenge Taiwan event, specifically the Tri Asia distance.
  • wishlist
    image of Greg posing with his road bike
    25 Jun 2015
    The Celtman event is on the horizon and the nerves are setting in and all I can think about is all the sessions I missed for one reason or another!