• staff-review
    Huub Archimedes II 3:5 wetsuit
    03 Nov 2016 / Martin McKinlay
    We asked Team Wiggle's Martin McKinlay to give us his thoughts on the HUUB Archimedes II 3:5 Wetsuit, after a season of using the range-topping product for open water triathlons
  • staff-review
    Staff Review - Garmin Forerunner 735 XT GPS Watch
    11 Jul 2016
    When news about the brand new Garmin 735 XT GPS Watch surfaced, we were beyond excited. This watch was created especially for the multi-sport go-getter, who wants to really understand how they're performing, and how they can improve. If that sounds like you, then read on... our Accessories Marketing Manager asked our in-house action hero, Andy...
  • Triathlon
    Not Down and Out @40 Part 2 - Will Pakes-Geddes
    09 Mar 2016
    Staff writer Will Pakes-Geddes provides the second post in his three part series, about preparing and racing an IRONMAN Triathlon in 2016!
  • Behind the brand: Zoggs
    05 Jan 2016
    Born in Australia, the home of swimming, Zoggs is now swimming around the world. Zoggs has a passion for creating innovative, exciting and high quality swimwear, goggles and swim equipment.
  • Zoggs Predator launches exclusively at Wiggle
    29 Dec 2015
    Zoggs Predator launches exclusively at Wiggle and we challenged Adam Walker and Alice Hector to put it through the pro athlete test.
  • team wiggle
    Not down and out @ 40
    07 Dec 2015
    Have a read of this insightful blog by Wiggle staff member Will Pakes-Geddes as he tackles middle-age and prepares for his very first IRONMAN!
  • Caring For Your Exercise Gear
    09 Jul 2015
    Looking after your favourite run, cycle and gym gear properly can ensure they maintain their quality and performance into the future.
  • warmup
    29 Jun 2015
    The warm up is a crucial part of the preparation process when it comes to any form of exercise. Skip out on it and you may cost yourself an injury or even a personal best time.
  • nutrition
    28 Jun 2015
    Eating something before you ride is as important as pumping up your tires, as Wiggle's Australian nutrition blogger Zoe Wilson explains.
  • nutrition
    26 Jun 2015
    Whether you’re just starting out in triathlon or are heading towards your 100th race, your diet is a key piece of the performance puzzle. Getting your nutrition right on a day-to-day basis will help maximise your energy levels and improve recovery so you can train harder and race faster.