The innovative new Gore Wear GORE R5 Women GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ Soft Lined Jacket combines stylish design and premium comfort with high-tech performance. Wiggle runner Amy Cox has been putting it to the test and shares her thoughts here. 

First impressions 

As one of the leading brands in sports fabric tech, I was super excited to put the new Gore Wear GORE R5 Women GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ Soft Lined Jacket through its paces. 

I was immediately struck by how incredibly light the jacket was. As far as run jackets go, I don’t think you could find anything lighter.  

Every inch of the jacket looked and felt premium. It currently only comes in matte black which to me is a good thing for me as it goes with all my run tights – whatever the colour. Win! 

The fit 

As expected, the jacket was almost weightless when it was on.  

Though true to size, it was a snug, yet comfortable fit. I wore a sports vest underneath, but this jacket isn’t designed to be worn with much else, and you wouldn’t need it either. Even from just zipping it up (which was very easy by the way), you could tell nothing – wind, rain, the cold – was getting through this jacket.  

The inside was extremely soft on the skin, and though it’s not a thick jacket at all, I instantly felt like it was going to keep me warm. I certainly wasn’t disappointed when I stepped outside. 


Shortly after setting off, I soon realised that the drawcords for the waistband were in the pockets. There’s nothing worse than your clothes flapping around when you run, so these came in really handy. Once I tightened them, the jacket didn’t move from around my waist. 

I didn’t feel that the jacket restricted my running at any point. It’s so light, and flexible even, that it really did just move with me. 

It was a pretty windy day, but this jacket lived up to its name. With its outer WINDSTOPPER® shell, even running into a headwind, the jacket didn’t let up. All the while keeping the elements out, I didn’t seem to overheat during my run – the ventilation in the jacket really does work. Though that’s not to say I wasn’t a sweaty mess come the end of it. 

I also loved that this jacket had two deep pockets. Plenty of space for a debit card, your phone, and sunglasses even. One of the pockets also had an elasticated sleeve for your phone to sit in so it didn’t bounce around – again, extremely handy. 


I’ve always been a bit dubious about wearing jackets while running; trying to stay cool being the number one priority. But this jacket does exactly as it claims. Not once did I feel uncomfortable wearing it or feel like I was ‘boiling in a bag’ (for want of a better way to put it) as I’ve found in other sports jackets. Though it’s not something to wear in the height of summer, it’s the perfect outer layer (without having to wear multiple layers) for autumn and winter. 

I’m also very impressed with how Gore Wear have really thought through the detail. You can feel the amount of testing that has gone into this jacket, right down to the little extras that make a runner’s life that bit easier, like how and where to put your phone. 

Overall, I really enjoyed running in this jacket. I’m also a regular gym goer so the INFINIUM™ has become my go-to jacket for travelling to and from the gym. As mentioned, it goes with absolutely everything and as far as sports jackets go, it’s definitely one of the most stylish ones I’ve come across.