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Sometimes, getting out to train is a case of mind over matter. 

For Ben Mason, it’s often matter over mind. 

Ben has bipolar disorder. One of the ways this affects him is that he doesn’t always feel like moving and often just wants to hide away.  

Triathlon has given Ben control over that feeling. When his mind won’t allow him to do something it’s his body that will push him out the door. Sport has given him a way to manage his mental health.  

It all started when friends and family started to encourage him to take up running. The transition to triathlon has given Ben even more of an escape than simply running ever did.  

Triathlon enables Ben to calm his mind by pushing himself. It’s given him opportunities to try new things, meet new people and go to places he’s never been. The sense of achievement has helped him to build his confidence and he says the endorphin buzz is like nothing else. 

Last year, Ben completed two sprint distance triathlons so this year he’s challenging himself to his first 70.3 middle-distance triathlon. He’s also competing at the National Relay Triathlon in August with his local club. 

We think Ben can do it and we’ll be keeping you up to date on his progress through the year.

What's in Ben's kit bag

dhb Lightweight Mesh Sleeveless Base Layer

This base layer has been consistently in use since it arrived. Its lightweight mesh fabric has been helped keep me cool during hot rides and it's like a second skin that I have really appreciated, both on the bike and whilst running.  

dhb Aeron bib Shorts

These bib shorts have been an absolute revelation, offering comfort and support. The chamois has been super comfortable for hours of training on the bike.

dhb Aeron Short Sleeve Jersey

I love this jersey. It is a perfect fit and the lightweight fabrics keep you cool on the hottest days. A must have staple in your cycling wardrobe! 

dhb Aeron Lab Lightweight Sock - Black/Red 

These socks are extremely comfortable and supportive. I’ve used them for both cycling and running and I can certainly feel moisture-wicking properties on hot days. 


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